Kitty Treat Tuesday: speak!

Haven’t done a kitty treat Tuesday in awhile. Today’s treat is a special one: Orijen Tundra.

(Even the bag is tasty)

What did the human think: boat, goat, venison, Arctic char… freeze dried… say no more… handing out his treat went like “one for you, two for me”. It would be funnier if I was joking. Description for real: a savory astronaut ice cream.

What did Proximo think: Look at the pic above. He was even eating the bag. Prox was easily coaxed to learn a new trick for this treat. He is half dog anyway… so why not teach him how to speak. Check out the video with sound on our instagram page (@katupintxos) ( -sorry couldn’t figure out to get it to work on the blog-

Grade: Easy A+++. I ate half the bag and now Prox is sitting in front of me chirping for his share.

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