Month: January 2018

A „Smalls“ adventure: part 1

Always on the quest for new and tasty, we stumbled on something unique… This multi-parter is a review of Smalls for Smalls. The concept is gently cooked, fresh food for kitty. The steps: sign up online, put some info on your owner, pick a program (how often deliveries come), and

Pork for the little piggy

Chicken… fish… turkey… beef… we’ve all seen the line up of usual suspects in the cat food isle. But pork! Had to try this one! Today we review Lotus Just Juicy Pork Stew for Cats. What does the human think: Pork cat food… Really no clue how this was going

Happy Cativersary!!

Two years ago Proximo became head of the family 😹! Still chillin just like the first day we met! Any recommendations for new food adventures, let us know!!!

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