Drain the swamp

We tried some of the Nutrish product line in the past. This is a new style in the stable — “Peak”. And from that line today’s review is of the Wetland Recipe.

It doesn’t smell like a marsh… so that’s a good start.

What did the human think: So I’ve eaten a lot of things (bugs, plants, birds, fish…) that come out of a wetland, on purpose, by accident… and the unifying flavor is mud. Even mangrove honey has a slightly muddy taste (but it is great!! Seriously buy some!). The Nutrish Wetland Recipe has actual pieces of meat that have a distinct poultry flavor. There is no swamp taste, but there is a slight bite from what I assume is taurine.

What did Proximo think: His first pass was to lick all the gravy out. That lapping sound borders on cracking me up and grossing me out. When he finally did eat the meat, I think he enjoyed because he had to breath in my face immediately afterwards.

Grade: I would say this is the best of the Nutrish products we’ve tried. Mainly because it tastes the most natural. Still has a bit of a bite though. Also, chicken is one of the ingredients… don’t think I’ve ever seen a wetland chicken before!

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