A „Smalls“ adventure: part 3… the finale…

Time to wrap up this little culinary adventure in the cat food meal delivery. Here we review the beef recipe and the turkey recipe.

Let’s start with the beef.

What did the human think: The beef does not defrost well at all. It is pretty dry and crumbly. Not a very appetizing texture. The flavor is over livery. That combined with texture made it a not so fun experience.

What did Proximo think: I’m pretty sure Proximo gave me the middle finger as he walked away from his bowl in disgust.

Grade: Needs some serious recipe redesign to survive freezing and defrosting.

But what about the turkey recipe?

What did the human think: The texture is a bit grainy after defrosting. But the flavor is very fresh… when have a bit in your mouth and you force some the air through your nose there is a pleasant liver smell. Overall it reminds me of thanksgiving stuffing made with giblets.

What did Proximo think: I didn’t really pay to close attention when I gave it to him… got a text and walked away busy in my own crap… but Prox followed me into the living room, jumped up on the table to get eye level with me, and proceeded to lick his lips in front of my face. I take that as he reaaaalllyyy liked it.

Grade: solid A… the best of the offerings from Smalls.

Overall thoughts: Smalls is a great service. Two of the recipes are quite good and you can taste the care put into the recipes. The customer service is top notch. They are really responsive to text message and go the extra mile to try and design a plan that would work for your needs. I look forward to putting another order in soon.


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Instagram- @katupintxos

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