A „Smalls“ adventure: part 2

Part 2 is the taste test of Smalls’ “chicken recipe”.

Proximo hard at work writing this review…

What did the human think: I just can’t put my finger on it. Right now I am sticking with it tasted like chicken and stuffing from a diner.

What did Proximo think: He didn’t need any of the bribe accompaniments (liver powder or bonito flakes) to dig in. However, he lost interest to finish his meal. Day 2 and 3 he ate a bit more each time.

Grade: B+. I thought the care in design and cooking was evident in the taste and smell. But Prox still prefers that slightly processed taste.

Special note: Smalls is a subscription service where they will send you batches of food at set intervals and charge your card. I forgot this. But they were very easy to work with to cancel – put account on hold. Since it takes awhile to get kitty used to eating this food, it may be preferable that there is longer interval between shipping a whole order and the trial order…


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