A „Smalls“ adventure: part 1

Always on the quest for new and tasty, we stumbled on something unique… This multi-parter is a review of Smalls for Smalls. The concept is gently cooked, fresh food for kitty. The steps: sign up online, put some info on your owner, pick a program (how often deliveries come), and pick your flavors. I think it’s been said before but this is like a Blue Apron (ish) for kitty… anyway, how did it go…

Ordering was easy… I signed up for the trial package. This came with 3 16oz packages. I chose the chicken, the beef, and the turkey recipes. With a promo it was like $18. Each package is about 3 days of food.

(Stayin cool….)

Delivery was quick. The whole step of the way the folks at Smalls for Smalls either email or text you the status of the delivery. The food is packed in dry ice. So it was certainly frozen like 3 bricks. Prox liked the box… so worthwhile investment right there…

In the shipment was a package of bonito flakes!!! Stay tuned for separate review…

(Sooo hungry… is it defrosted yet…)

So now we are defrosting a package of chicken! Part 2 will be the food review! Stay tuned.

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