Pork for the little piggy

Chicken… fish… turkey… beef… we’ve all seen the line up of usual suspects in the cat food isle. But pork! Had to try this one! Today we review Lotus Just Juicy Pork Stew for Cats.

What does the human think: Pork cat food… Really no clue how this was going to play out. First impression was a pleasant surprise to see real pieces of meat. The best surprise was that unlike most cat food with whole chunked meat is that it did not taste like hospital food. The salt and potato starch make this taste pretty darn close to human food.

(Do I have any pork on my head?)

What does Proximo think: Easy one here. Prox buried his forehead in the dish… He then headed off for a nap.

Grade: A. We will have to rochambeau for who gets the next can.

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