Open source cat food

First. We’ll be posting reviews on the @katupintxos Instagram page and the website ( I’m trying to decrease the clicks to content ratio. The other week I had to click twice to get to something my boss wanted me to do… and we’ll I was out of work for a month with a pulled thumb. Never did get to opening that attachment…

Anyway. This review is Open Farm Chicken and Salmon.

Bought it because of the packaging.

What did the human think: OK. So we eat with our eyes… it looks like kitty barf. But hell that’s me. And I’ve seen Proximo trying to eat his barf, so that whole beauty is in the eye of the beholder thing. Overall, tastes pretty darn good though. Even though chicken is the main ingredient it’s the pumpkin that is the star. The pumpkin adds a nice smooth full texture and mouth feel and has that mild squash taste. Subsequent bites you can pick up some fish and berry notes.

Doesn’t look as bad in a photo

What did Proximo think: He had a great time sitting licking the roof of his mouth. The stuff does have a bit of a peanut butter thing going on. Just don’t know why he had to stare at me while doing it. Creeped me out.

Grade: Big big props. Aside from looking gross, the food was enjoyed by both of us. What I really really think is cool about this outfit is that you can get online and track the country-state of origin of every ingredient and get additional info. And you don’t feel as wasteful because it is packaged in a carton instead of a can..Good stuff!! Looking forward to trying more flavors!!

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