A feast too fancy???

Life is full of surprises. I think I’ll just leave it with that teaser for today’s review of Tiki Cat after Dark Chicken and Quail Egg.

What did the human think: With no expectations, I opened the can was totally intrigued. A brothy mix of chicken pieces and parts (heart, liver, gizzard). Way more broth than I have seen in other products, almost soup-like. But the clincher is a beautiful quail egg half. I love chicken parts and quail eggs. No off tastes to the guts. A really nice cat food!! Does Michelin give stars for cat food? I’m pretty certain they do.

What did Proximo think: I put it in his special treat bowl. So his anticipation was way high as he weaved between my legs… trying to topple me… First impression was a what the F stare. I think all the broth turned him off. So I drained it a little… he nibbled with great disappointment.

Grade: I would say this was one of his better and well thought cat foods. But Prox gets the final say and to my surprise B-…

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