Does asparagus make cat pee smell?

One of the biggest questions in science today is : does asparagus make cat pee smell? So in our attempt to win the Nobel Prize, we try Applaws Chicken Breast with Asparagus in Broth.

Simple and straightforward chicken and asparagus

What does the human think: Well… simply put it tastes like hospital food. I do think this would be great for a sick (hungover) stomach with some crackers.

What does Proximo think: He is a fan of minimal ingredient cat food. No surprise Proximo hammered it down.

Grade: Solid B. Nothing special but nothing horrible.

The experimental results: Hell if I could tell if his pee smelled like asparagus!! Kitty litter masks all those gross smells. So really the lesson is that I should use kitty litter after eating asparagus!

One Reply to “Does asparagus make cat pee smell?”

  1. Pesty Neighbor says:

    Such a great question! I never even knew kitties would eat asparagus, lol!


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