G-day mate

Wandered into the wonderland that is Kriser's Natural Pet Store… imagine that first time you walked into a Whole Foods… it's like that, in a good way!

Anyway, not sure which goody to start with… so let's go with with an honest to goodness star: Koha Wild Kangaroo Pate.

What did the human think: I've eaten my fair share of kangaroo in Australia and elsewhere. But this is the best I've had. You think I'm joking, but I'm not. Good thing we had a big can to fight over.

What did Proximo think: The greedy little bugger ate half a can in a sitting. Sitting meaning, a couple minutes. He then happily took a long nap. Prox usually does this when we share some salmon or chicken we cook up. And I think this points to how fresh and flavorful it was.

Grade: Super A+++. We are excited to try more from this outfit.

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