Kitty Treat Tuesday: crunchy fish

Treats are always fun… and for a few treats Proximo will legitimately listen. See the high five in header photo…. Today’s treat is Blue Kitty Cravings with Real Tuna.

What does the human think: This is an easy one. It literally tastes like crunchy fish bait… Full stop.

What does Proximo think: With a slight rattle of the bag he appears from the ether… he rubs his face on the bag… on me… on the bag again… sure he does the normal sit and high five for a treat… but something’s different… he covets these treats like Golem covets his Precious…

Golem peaking out of his cave.

Grade: A+++ with the ability to change lovey Proximo to greedy Golem in seconds.

One Reply to “Kitty Treat Tuesday: crunchy fish”

  1. Pesty Neighbor says:

    Sounds as if we should stock up on this for good kitties! Thanks!

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