The Maltese Cat

In the poorly received sequel to the Maltese Falcon, Sam Spade searches the streets of Valletta for a stolen cat statue.

I’m sure I’ve seen a Maltese Cat somewhere around here!! (Insert Bogart accent)

Ok. Maybe not.

But if one is looking for cats, culture, and cuisine… Go Malta!!

Valletta, Malta will be the European Capital of Culture in 2018 (along with Leeuwarden, Netherlands). But it might as well be the cultural cat capital of Europe… (actually I am claiming that hashtag, #culturalcatcapital). Sites like the Co-Cathedral of St. John, with hands down the best Caravaggio in the world, are just magnificent. Skip the tourist pits like the Louvre…. the time it takes to fly to Valletta from the US is about two times quicker than waiting in line at the Uffizi (seriously, I timed it!)… but I digress…

Inside the cathedral…

Valletta has top food and drink. Where else (within a block) can you dine on Maltese rabbit liver and olives and then party like Oliver Reed…

Who doesn’t like pork belly (@LVB)

But come on let’s get to the point. Where else can you sit in a historical setting, sip on some local bevies, munch on savory pies, soak in ridiculous views, and chill with a cadre of kitties… Valletta! Specifically the Upper Barrakka Gardens.

If you ever do find yourself in Malta, a retreat to the Upper Barrakka Gardens is perfect for the cultural cat lover!

Please let me sleep. It is soooo hot!!!

Just one of the magnificent views.

None shall pass. I guess. Maybe. You have food?

Peaking at another grand view.

Cat camo!

Fire cannons!! @noon.

The comfy chair!

Table for 1!!

Yep… still sleeping.

And if you want to explore cats outside the Valletta, hit Ħaġar Qim. Not only is it a UNESCO megalithic temple site. It has some pretty kitties 😉

Lining up with the sun!

Feeding time at the temple!

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