Wings… the great Mid-West

Sort of a review, sort of a treatise…
 I find myself sitting in CLE airport waiting to head back to the rat race of D.C.  Not really hungry but there is a primal call for proper Mid-West wings, so I stop at Bar Symon…

Wings… served everywhere… made best in the Mid-West

The anatomy of a properly cooked wing: crispy skin, juicy flesh, not over sauced… Simple right? Not so much.  Most of the country: flaccid skin, or over-cooked and dry, or too much damn sauce. 
Bar Symon does a perfect job… bonus points because it is performed in an airport. My knock against is I ordered “hot”. It isn’t all that hot. But then again I am in the underverse of heat tolerance, I happily grow and eat reaper and ghost peppers. 
Oh Mid-West wings… until we meat again (ha ha see what I did there). And until then… just one more hit. 

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