Siegfried, and some Rachael Ray

Today we have a guest taster, Siegfried! And we’ll be getting all nutrish… with Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Wet Food for Dogs, Hearty Beef Stew. 

Some fancy a$$ dog food for a basic dog

What does the human think: Well… on appearance it’s tops. Nicely cut potatoes and carrots. Fresh looking peas. The veg tastes nice. The meat is real not pressed protein stuff. While edible it has that no-words-for-it-dog-food taste on the back of the palette. 

What does Siegfried think:  I’m not his primary feeder, so at first he gave it a quick nose up. But when his owner gave him the nutrish, Siegfried made guttural moans of enjoyment.
Grade:  They say you eat with your eyes, so a solid A… too bad Siegfried is part blind. 

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