Kitty meatballs: Freshpet

Today we boldly go into new frontiers: the refrigerator aisle and try Freshpet Vital Chicken & Beef. 

Little kitty meatballs

What does the human think:  These fresh from the refrigerator little nuggets taste like a cross between a liver dumpling and meatball. They are little grainy. Overall, these taste like the classic German dish: leberknodel. I like these because there is none of the over minerally taste from too much organ meat, but ya know it’s there. 
What does Proximo think: Proxy wasn’t enthused. He had a few bites but walked off to chew on a paper bag laying near by. I think the issue was the meal was straight out of the fridge. He’s not a fan of cold food. 
Grade: TBD. Need to try this when warmed up a bit. My guess though, not livery enough for Proximo…

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