Kat shares his Muse experience 

Proximo thought Kat’s, his inside-outside cat buddy, diet of dry kibble and bunnies was a bit boring. So he sent over some Purina Muse Chicken and Salmon. Any chicken and salmon is pretty much the gateway food for kitties. So, what did Kat think??

What did the human think? It is real chunks of chicken and salmon, not the press-formed animal protein chunks. So positive vibes before the first bite. It tastes better than the tinned meat products that I get myself for lunch.  
What did Kat think? Well Proximo loves this stuff.  This was Kat’s first real experience with wet food. Ok aside from fresh critters running around outside… he was a fan. 
Grade: As with almost all the Muse products, a solid A for cats inside and out. For me, a desired fall back when the food stores dry up after the zombie apocalypse. 

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