Battle of Wellington 

The Battle of Wellington is a surprising taste skirmish. It pits Merrick’s Beef Wellington vs Fredric Maryland’s Hooch and Banter beef Wellington minis. 

Merrick’s take on a classic

First, let’s start with the human version. Hooch and Banter’s minis are delicious. The puff pastry is crisp and the flavors pop. If I had one criticism, it would be the filet was well done. But I’m not sure you can get around that based on the size. So not a deal breaker. 

A tasty twist

Merrick did a ridiculously superb job of replicating the taste of a Wellington. It had all the nice savory accents. The only drawback of course it is a canned mush with no crispy dough blanket of love. But close your eyes, tastes pretty darn close. Proximo loved it. Damn he eats well. Hats off to Merrick on this one. 

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