Kitty Treat Tuesday: Applaws 

Today’s treat is a dinner treat Applaws Chicken Breast with Pumpkin in Broth. Super corny name. Let’s see if it gets applause. 

Applause worthy?

What does the human think: This 3 ingredient dish is simple and good. I would say it would be great for someone with high blood pressure. Actually, yeah, it’s probably way better for you than hospital food. But I am rock doctor. So what do I know. 
What does Proximo think: He killed it. I still hear his lips smacking. I think because it tastes like human food it was like a major treat for him. There are no other vitamins or supplements in it. So probably best as a special treat. 
Grade: Solid A. Good treat to get back in his good graces after kicking him out of my treat box. 

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  1. says:

    loved it


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