Kitty Treat Tuesday: Freeze-Dried Salmon

Next up on Kitty Treat Tuesday, Merrick  Backcountry Freeze-Dried Raw Real Salmon Recipe.  That was a mouthful. My fingers are tired from typing.

(**Note that the package says this treat is not for human consumption. Good thing this is the age of alternative facts.)

Freeze-dried kitty treats

What does the human think:  What’s nice is that it doesn’t stink like some fish based treats, barely a smell at all.  It tastes and has the mouth feel like a gefilte fish astronaut ice cream.  I really don’t taste the salmon more so the white fish.
What does Proximo think:  Proximo enjoyed using his treat as a toy.  Batting it around the floor, putting it in his mouth, dropping it, batting it, repeat.  Eventually he ate it.
Grade: C. I didn’t mind the taste, but overall it really wasn’t special.  Proximo reluctantly ate the treat.  But, A+ if I was scoring this as an edible toy!

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