Chicken soup that’s not so good for the soul…

Today’s review compares Nature’s Recipe Indoor Chicken and Sodexo Chicken Noodle Soup.  This review is invaluable to the Washington DC worker living on cafeteria food for lunch.

At first glance.. can’t tell the difference… after 30 minutes in the stomach… differences are apparent..

What does the human think:  Sodexo’s Chicken Noodle Soup is as bland as it is salty.  Perhaps it is just better described as warm(ish) saltwater with mushy stuff.
What does Proximo think:  His excitement of the Indoor Chicken is a consistent level 7/10.
Comparison:  The Nature’s Recipe Indoor Chicken does taste like chicken soup.  It has some bits of veg, the chicken is real chicken (not compressed animal protein), the broth is nice.  The only difference it does not have a seasoned taste.  But given the alternative of Sodexo chicken saltwater, I would rather steal my lunch from Proximo.
Grade: Solid A. Nature’s Recipe Indoor Chicken easily passes for human food whereas the chicken soup does not.

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