Kitty Sülze

The world of cat food is ever surprising… Today we take a look at a German classic–Sülze (but for cats). Applaws Layers Chicken with Lamb in Aspic.  Headcheese is the head/ stomach turning name in the States.  So headcheese for kitties, let’s party!!



Just Chicken, Lamb, gelling of some sort

What does the human think:  It’s pretty dense. Probably because of the type of gelling agent.  Obviously, because there is no seasoning, it’s also fairly bland… The predominate flavor is boiled chicken.  The lamb bits are flavorless.

What does Proximo think:  100% loved it… I pulled it away because he was eating it too fast.  Perhaps the “aspic” has some kitty crack in it?

Comparison:    Put some carrots, a little salt, bay leaf, peppercorns, some proper pigs foot gelatin (to lighten it up), and I think it would taste like a proper Sülze.  Regardless, this is better than most restaurant house charcuterie.  Too many to compare in the DMV, so let’s just say all of them that try…

Grade: Perfect for the German kitty in us all.

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