Battle of the pâtés

Today’s review is a comparison of pâtés… Battle Nature’s Recipe chicken pâté versus Blue duck pâté… and a bonus human quality recipe…


What does the human think:  First, I’m picking a comparison of pâtés we both liked.  Purina One pâtés are on the whole gross… All of them.. Full stop…  Proximo doesn’t care for them, and neither do I.

Nature’s Recipe is good, or I should say good enough. The off putting characteristic is the grey oxidation rind on the pâté. But the consistency is very fine and well made.  Taste is a little chicken livery…

Blue duck pâté is excellent.  It’s a courser grind than Nature’s Recipe.  But tastes like a nice meaty pâté.   I enjoyed mine on a nice dark bread.



Blue Duck on Lithuanian Rye Bread.


What does Proximo think:  We had quite an argument about this, he loves the Nature’s Recipe.  But he also likes eating old, brown, rotting leaves.  So I don’t always trust his opinion.  The Blue was still solid in his book.  I will note that he preferred the Blue duck pâté over the Blue kitten pâté, which I also thought was better than Nature’s Recipe.



Can’t have Brotzeit without refreshments (water for Prox, beer for me)

Comparison:  They both taste of human quality food.  Perfect for a human-cat Brotzeit-bonding. Both are way better than that Braunschweiger crap sold in stores.  They have the simple quality of homemade pâté.  And here is a simple human recipe adapted from Jacques Pépin:

Lightly simmer: ~.5 lb lamb liver (1-inch pieces), salt, bay leaf, 1 onion (course chop), 5 garlic cloves, enough chicken broth to cover.  Simmer until liver pink inside, pull off heat.

Strain, and remove bay leaf.

Using a hand held blender, blend the simmered ingredients, with ~ 1.25 stick of butter (1 table spoon at a time), add black pepper, hot pepper (I use ground Carolina Reaper, but I also taste cat food, so use your best judgement here), 2 table spoons Laird’s Apple Brandy. Give a quick blend.   Consistency should be smooth.  If not, emulsify some more fat in there…

Fold in herbs.  I like finely chopped chives and lovage.  I also like to fold in pieces of bacon I already fried up…

Pack it into a small container, and cover top with either melted bacon fat/ butter, or cling wrap.  Reason to do that is so it doesn’t start getting that gross Nature’s Recipe grey rind… Stick in fridge.

pate nature

See that gross rind…

Grade:  You don’t have to  wait for the zombie apocalypse to enjoy these pâtés with kitty.

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