Le Diplomat Sardines vs Purina Tuna Entree

Le Diplomat, on the ever expanding food boulevard of 14th Street, Washington, D.C., is a typical Steven Starr restaurant — and that’s a good thing.

What does the human think: From a Johnny-on-the-spot bartender, to balanced cocktails, to the Pittsburgh style steaks, to making a vegetarian dish tasty, this is a solid spot to eat and drink– and for D.C.  that is a somewhat rare thing…  But one starter deserves a closer look, the Mediterranean sardines.


Mediterranean sardines

It’s an aesthetic dish… But the sardines are overly fishy.   How fishy?

What does Proximo think: Proximo didn’t get a chance for a taste.  But if I could speak for him and say this dish made me think of Purina One Tuna Entree for cats. I can say after staring at me like I had a penis on my face after serving Proximo the Tuna, he does not like it.

Comparison:  I agree with Proximo that the tuna is weird. It’s fishy and a strange “something” lingers at the back of the palate. The Starr dish is fishy but does not have that strange little “something.”

Grade:  The Purina Tuna Entree is near inedible for cat or man.  The Starr sardines are edible.  Just a very very weak dish compared to the rest of Le Diplomat’s menu.

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