Who let the dog(‘)s (food) out?

A bit of a change of pace.. but perhaps a chance to discuss the merits of knowing what your animal’s food tastes like.

Nature’s Recipe (which I will follow up on in future posts) really is a great cat food.  It actually tastes like food.  I picked up a pile for good old Proximo.  I made the assumption everything in the cat food section of “giant pet company store” was indeed cat food.

So…  A few days back… I could tell Proximo was really hungry because he was in the traditional give me food stance of “I will eat YOU soon.”


Feed me or I will eat you…

As a willing servant I immediately popped open some chicken and duck.  It tasted nice… Good chicken flavor.  The meat tasted like meat and not pressed protein.. There was a subtle sweetness to it… it was a different enough taste profile that I checked out the ingredients.


Chicken and Duck (not for cats)

Well… after a good read.. I saw that this was indeed dog food and not cat food.  Not sure if it makes a difference to the cat.  But I switched his meal up with cat food which stopped him from eating me.

Not sure if there is any profound point but to say that cat food and dog food do taste different.  Regardless, Nature’s Recipe is a decent tasting meal for your animal… and for you once the zombie apocalypse comes.

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