Rabbit flavored treat…better than Vegemite

What does the human think: The little cat treat is slightly chewy…slightly gritty.  It doesn’t really taste like rabbit, but more so generic, crude protein.  There is definitly a sweet and yeasty quality.  Which is strange, because I thought cat’s couldn’t taste “sweet”… This makes me think it is actually made as a human treat.  Maybe little kids?  That’s what they eat, isn’t it? Rabbits and sugar?


What does Proximo think:  After batting around the kitchen for 10 minutes… chewing it, spitting it out, chewing it, spitting it out.. He ate it… I’d say inconclusive.  Maybe better as a toy than treat.


Comparison:  This treat definitely has a vegemite quality to it.  I honestly think it tastes better than vegemite, no offense mates.

Grade:  Mash it up… probably a solid condiment on toast.

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