Purina Chicken, Tomato and Pasta

Let’s start with an easy one, chicken, tomato and pasta.


What does the human think: It’s not horrible… The chicken some how tastes a little fishy. Pasta passed al dente.  Slight tomato taste.  But over all, it tastes close to a human quality pasta dish.  Even better when heated for a bit…

What does Proximo think: He chowed it down.. I assume he liked…

Comparison:  While edible, most any pasta dishes do taste better than this cat food.  However, this chicken and pasta cat food is absolutely better than two pasta dishes I tried  at Aggio, Friendship Heights, about two years back (now closed- I think).  Simply, $1 for a can of something that tastes close to pasta.  Fine dining Aggio pasta dishes not so much…

Grade: Good snack in a pinch.



One Reply to “Purina Chicken, Tomato and Pasta”

  1. Ronwell Gantry says:

    Only a bearded hobbit of a man would eat his own growing cat’s food. For shame!!


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