About this site…

I’ve eaten pretty much every cuisine.  Eaten on every continent.. ok.. except Antarctica… Enjoyed meals from home cooked-to-street vendor-to-gastropub-to-3 Michelin stars.  Some meals are great… Some not so much.  And the amount you pay is not predictive of the quality.  I’ve had $2 chili-cheese dogs better than $40 fancy flops.  I’m endlessly curious about food.  Recently, we had a cat join our family.  Watching what he does and doesn’t eat intrigued me… “what the hell does this crap taste like?”  Soooo after some shoddy research regarding safety of human consumption of cat food, I decided to try my cat’s food… What I quickly realized is some of restaurant dishes tasted worse than the cat food…

This blog discusses the salient qualities of various cat foods.. and in short are some restaurant dishes worse than cat food?

Plus… what’s better than food posts and cat pictures in one blog…


(Disclaimer: I do not endorse or recommend eating cat food.  Nor do I endorse any brand of cat food.)

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