Taste testing cat food isn’t for everyone.  Not sure why.  But that is a conversation for another day.  Our new section profiles a spot for humans to get away and enjoy some vitals.  Today’s review is Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern (Herndon VA).



Glorious Glorious Poutine

Jimmy’s is a must visit in the DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia). Can’t really go wrong with the pub fare here.  And if you were part of the Rust Belt Diaspora, this is a pleasant taste of home.  Plus, the vibe inside is ultra welcoming.



Perfectly cooked wings

My suggestion… Poutine and wings.  Insider tip, get the wings naked with the (suicidal or hot) sauce on the side.  That way they come out perfect crispy midwestern style.  Most wings in the DMV are flaccid and bland.  Jimmy’s does ’em right!  If you take any home, be prepared to fight for the wings.   Proximo loves the smell and has no problem trying to swipe one from a unguarded plate.  And as we know cooked chicken bone is bad for kitty.


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