Kitty Treat Tuesday: Chicken & Salmon

Every Tuesday (or so) Proximo and I will try to knock out a solid treat review. Today’s review we are taking a look at Blue Wilderness Chicken & Salmon Recipe treats.

That kitty’s blue eyes are freakin me out.

What does the human think:  The bouquet is a warm shoe.  The first taste that hits you is salt, then a bit sweet.  I don’t get much of a salmon (fish) taste, rather a chicken jerky flavor.  The oil of rosemary gives it a nice stuffing-ish quality.
What does Proximo think:  Proximo loves his treats.  The stinkier the better.  His overall excitement is about 5/10.  But his excitement chewing the bag is solid 8/10.
Grade: B. We both like the flavor, but both became distracted by chewing on the bag afterwards.

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