Kitty treat Tuesday: Ever chew on a rubber ball?

I hate giving bad reviews, especially when I had high hopes! This treat review is Awesome Possum.

What does the human think: For a moment I turned into a train… chew chew chew chew. Bad joke but you get the point. Never broke down this bite sized nugget of possum.

What did Proximo think: Poor guy. A much cuter mini train… chew chew chew. Had to take it away from him.

Grade: D. While it had some taste, it was an ache to try and even eat. But… maybe it was a bad batch and always willing to give it another try!

One Reply to “Kitty treat Tuesday: Ever chew on a rubber ball?”

  1. KL Viterna says:

    You provide such vivid sensory input that I was feeling slightly nauseous reading this one! The product name started it and you pushed it further! Thanks!

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