Nothing like early Thanksgiving! 

Months from Thanksgiving the craving starts to set in… turkey, stuffing, gravy, gluttony… Interesting enough Proximo has the same cravings, but he likes a side of spiders instead of cranberry. Today’s review is Merrick Thanksgiving Day Dinner. 

T-day in a can!

What does the human think:  Opening the can you get a smell of Thanksgiving leftovers– warmish meaty starch. There are bits of veg visible.  Not totally unappetizing at this point. The taste reminds me of a Thanksgiving stuffing made with to many livers. I like liver, so all in all good stuff. 
What does Proximo think:  He dove straight in and got in his don’t-bother-me-I’m-eating stance. But soon walked away from his bowl. Over the course of the night he did indeed finish it all. Probably much like a human t-day meal, it was a bit too dense for him to finish in one sitting and he left some kitty leftovers. 
Grade: Solid B+. We all love Thanksgiving meals, but once or twice a year more than enough.

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